HERO Inspections was created out of a desire to do more for home buyers and protect them like no other company in the industry. At the core of our approach is the idea that we can re-cast the inspection industry and its norms by understanding how to mitigate the liability of the homeowner and the Realtor. It took over 10 years to realize the vision of how to create a new inspection company that had a focus on clients and realtors.

It all started one beautiful fall afternoon in 2015 under the flatirons after a mountain bike ride in the front range. Curt had recently sold his Inspection & Environmental business in Orlando, FL and moved to Colorado.  Greg had taken him, his girlfriend Lisa to some local trails and then to a local brewery. Sitting there the three of them started talking about business. Curt talked about his inspection business in Florida and how he had a new business in mind in a totally new industry. Greg had recently had an exit from a company he help start and was looking for what to do next.

Curt described the business he had sold, lamenting the guy who had bought it and talking about a few new ideas he had that he had not implemented. Curt was done with the inspection business and was ready to his next chapter. But over a beer, Greg was listening and then giving his insight into the business model that Curt had from Florida, he said, “I think you’ve really got a great thing going there, and we could re-create it out here and I think it would do well.”

They started exploring the idea of a new inspection company by asking all the questions? Who will we be as a company? What’s our message? How will we be different? They wanted to do everything different from the start and after a few months of planning HERO Inspections & Environmental was born.

The goal from day 1 was to improve the inspection process, to protect the client, protect the Realtor’s business.

HERO Inspections is about protection. There are many ways we protect people:

  • Always doing things by the book
  • Extensive training, licenses and qualifications
  • Leading with empathy
  • Warranties & Guarantees
  • Environmental training and testing
  • Being through without being alarmist
  • Many More!

Thanks for being a part of HERO!

P.S. You might be wondering how did these guys meet here in CO when Curt was from Florida and Greg was living in Boulder. Many years ago Greg lived in Orlando and met Curt through mutual friends and a weekly cycling group. They had reunited in Colorado after being friends in Orlando for several years… the draw of Colorado’s outdoor lifestyle was what brought them both here but it is their passion for helping others that brought them together.