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Quick Story: About 12 years ago, when we first started doing inspections, about 10,000 houses ago J, we did an inspection for a mortgage broker; someone with a lot of experience in the real estate market.

Two months after the inspection he had moved in and was installing his new washing machine and dryer. He attached the line and turned the valve and just like that line for the washing machine started leaking. He was not happy. Calling us, calling the Realtor, mad that no one had found this flaw. We reminded him that he stood in that room with us and nothing was leaking two months earlier. He wouldn’t hear it and was really upset…we were upset and We thought that there had to be a better way. And so we developed that better way!

It’s our HERO Home Protection Plan; included with every residential inspection that we perform. Here are the highlights | If you have HERO Inspections & Environmental do you home inspection, you receive, at no additional cost:

  • Buy Your Home Back Guarantee – if we miss something in your inspection report and you feel financially harmed, we will buy your home back from you, for the price that you paid.
  • 90 day Zero Deductible Warranty (or 22 days after closing, whichever is a longer period of time for you) – 90 day inspection reimbursement warranty on most items that were inspected. Covered items are listed, be sure to read was is and is not covered, i.e. appliances less than 10 ears old
  • Sewer Warranty – Covers the sewer line against breakages (not blockages) $300 deductible and $2000/$4000 Cap
  • Mold Warranty – covers new mold growth from new water sources not listed in the inspection report – $300 deductible and $2000 cap
  • 5 Year Roof Leak Warranty – If you get a roof leak, you’ll get a check to repair or replace your roof. $500 deductible with a $3000 cap
  • 200% Money Back Guarantee – if you hate us, let us know right away and we’ll not only give you a refund, but we’ll pay for another certified inspector/inspection company to come out.
  • 18 Month Warranty For The Price of 12 Months – the 90 day warranty company offers our clients 6 months for free
  • BuildFax – like a Carfax for your home, closed permits, open permits, county records, insurance claims, etc
  • RecallChek – just like taking your Honda to the Honda dealership and they fix 2 recalls for you, we’ll put all your appliances, heating/cooling, water heater, etc into a system that tracks recalls where you’ll receive a monthly update warning you of any recalls. Best part is that the manufacturer pays for a tech to come out and make the repair. Sometimes they don’t make the replacement part and you may get a new appliance.

You can download our information sheet with all the fine print HERE.

These are all 3rd party products that we purchase on your behalf and are associated with the address that we inspected. They are there to cover the items that were in working order during the inspection but they are not magic or miracle workers but they are everything that we’ve found to protect you and your investment.

One last thought: Think of your warranty on your new car. If the transmission breaks while you are driving, it would be covered, if you get into an accident because it broke, that would be covered by your car insurance. Same with your house, if you leave that 2nd story bathroom leaking for 6 weeks, and your walls and floors get damaged, only the leak will be covered. The rest is an insurance claim, but if you knowingly don’t attend to a leak, your insurance company may not cover it either. Point is: if something happens at your house, get it fixed right away. Stop leaks, etc. And check with the warranty company to see if it’s a covered issue.

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