How can we help you?

When it comes to putting our team together, whether it’s an inspector or a franchise owner, we look for personality first. The inspection process can be taught, but finding someone that really wants to help others is at the forfront of our team requirements.

Of course, we take training very seriously and  every HERO inspector is NACHI certified, but that’s just the start. We add on a minimum of an additional 120 Advanced hours of training that is required and that’s before even starting the HERO training and curriculum.  The HERO training plan includes dozens of houses, NACHI house of horror training, and the HERO curriculum. This almost year long program is based on decades of experience, past mistakes and 10,000+ positive client experiences.

HERO reports are based on our proprietary residential templates and our overall approach coupled with our inspectors extensive experience makes our reports and findings more consistent and easy to understand.

Our goal is that no matter who walks in with the HERO H on their chest, your experience will be exemplary. We spend many hours doing a thorough inspection, but interacting with clients, realtors and sellers is our greatest pleasure.

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