How long does it take to get my territory opened?

Before you can go ask one person for a referral for an inspection, you should know how to do an AMAZING inspection. Learning how to deliver an amazing inspection includes 3 distinct duties:

  • Properly evaluate a house being purchased
  • Document the findings of the house
  • Deliver that information appropriately to the person buying it

It will typically take 90-120 days to learn and master these skills, and that’s when the doors can open, the marketing can start and you start to have the phone ringing.

Along with learning the technical (inspecting, documentation, environmental, etc.) aspects of the business you will also have to learn the operational (sales, marketing, soft skills and the industry) aspects of running a HERO franchise. Thankfully all of this is already in place and you just have to implement it in your territory, we use industry leading software for all aspects of the business.

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