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Build an inspection and environmental business in the real-estate industry based on a proven model of success and backed up by an extensive infrastructure. You will grow your large territory by protecting clients and realtors, while changing the market perceptions about the inspection.


Grow your business, not your job

HERO territories are designed to give the franchisee the ability to grow their business from the ground up with almost no limits. A HERO franchisee’s use their business experience and our proven model to help clients make an informed buying decision. We want you to grow a business not just own your job, you will be a great inspector but you will also learn how to run a successful inspection business.

We have a limited number of large metropolitan areas in the US, meaning that we will have a limited number of franchise opportunities. Our goals are counter to other franchises in this space, we are looking for , with the goal being to have 75-125 large franchises, each with a well-trained team and support staff.

The Denver operation does the same amount of revenue or more in a given month as a typical inspector does all year long. Our goal is for you to duplicate this in your territory using our execution based business model. We test and perfect all the best practice activities before they are implemented so you can focus on building the business not figuring out how to make it work. Our support is ongoing and covers all aspects of the business not just the technical training.

Our support system has the personal touch that you would expect when growing a business with experienced mentors and coaches. You will never feel like a number as a member of the HERO family.

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