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REALTORS: Are your vendors helping you grow your practice?

When I ask a Realtor why they work with a particular inspector or any kind of vendor really, they usually say he/she is thorough, on-time and communicates well with their clients.

I say, “well, yeah, of course,” but I think that should be the bare minimum before you put someone in front of your clients, right?

Imagine a world where your vendors are setup as a Real Estate Practice Cultivators. So, not only are they doing a good job for you and your clients, but they are bringing a level of service, expertise and back end support that brings a major WOW factor to your clients. That’s how you get referrals! Every one of your vendors should be WOW’ing them…

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how to save $1000’s at closing

how to save $1000’s at closing Home >> HERO Journalhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XULZVlOFWA4 Inspections Environmental Inspections With Great Inspections, Come Great Protections. $100,000+ Of Warranties & Guarantees With Every Inspection! Environmental Making The

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Why hire a home inspector?

The same is true when you offer to buy a “used” home. While you may be tempted to skip a home inspection because of its several hundred dollars cost, you would be wise to make the investment for a multitude of reasons. Here are ten good ones:

Contingency – You may think that you’re a great negotiator and that you’ve made a terrific deal on your home purchase, but unless you have the experience and training, you’re likely to miss some crucial deficiencies in a home’s structure, condition and/or mechanical systems. And that means you could be buying someone else’s troubles. A professional home inspection allows you to back out of your deal if the inspector reveals problems that would cost you way more than you bargained for.

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What’s up with mold?

Learn all you need to know about mold, how to prevent it, and why you should hire a trusted professional when the situation is out of hand!

A mold is a type of fungus, that, in the natural world, plays its part in the greater scheme of things by helping cause the breakdown, or decomposition, of dead organic matter, such as fallen leaves and trees. This biodegradation helps forests prepare for new growth. There are thousands of known species of molds in the world. Some molds are utilized by humans and play a positive role in biotechnology by helping in the production of certain foods, beverages, medicines and enzymes. Conversely, some molds can cause disease and death by producing toxic chemical compounds that are inimical to life.

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What is a wind mitigation?

Learn all you need to know about wind mitigation, inspection features and why you should hire a trusted company!

Mitigation is a term that means diminishing or moderating the force or intensity of something. When applied to the power of a natural phenomenon, say, like the high winds that can arise during a tropical storm or hurricane, mitigation means lessening their destructive character by the implementation of certain building techniques in order to prevent or reduce the damage they can cause to a home or other structure.

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With Great Inspections, Come Great Protections. $100,000+ Of Warranties & Guarantees With Every Inspection!

Making The Challenging and The Complicated – Understandable, Actionable & Correctable. By The Book! Every Time!

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