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HERO Inspections & Environmental

Making the real estate world into HERO’s for their clients, and their clients into HERO’s with information.

Troy & Jenn Pittman, homeowners near Jacksonville, FL, got wind mitigation done on their own home. It was expensive, it had mistakes, and it was hand-written. They looked at each other and thought… I think this is an industry we can compete in.

That thought stuck in their head for a while. They started looking around at business opportunities, slowing the itch getting stronger to start their own business and create a lasting legacy… They really wanted all their daily hard work to be for the benefit of their own business. Growing their own company.

Their first thought was home inspections, but they also wanted to do their due diligence. They knew they had the experience and work ethic to make their own business work, but strongly leaned on the thought of a franchise since they wanted a business model that was proven.

They found HERO… The way the HERO brand treated its clients and customers was in perfect alignment with their values, and the entire biz-in-a-box model was something that Troy & Jenn knew they could execute and succeed with.

After 3 days in Denver, with the founders of HERO, they called the next morning and canceled all their other appointments to look at other businesses. Fast forward and now they are part of the HERO family, making new HERO’s every day in all of Jacksonville and North Florida.

Give them a call… Let them make you into a HERO 🙂

7749 Normandy Blvd.
Unit 145-806
Jacksonville, FL 32221
904-533-HERO (4376)

Troy and Jenn Pittman
Jacksonville, FL | HERO Inspections & Environmental

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The HERO team in Jacksonville has years of experience with many types of homes throughout the state, performing inspections in Orange, Seminole, Volusia, and Osceola counties. The Jacksonville team specializes in new builds, single-family residences with pools, multi-family high rises, and commercial properties.

The Jacksonville team has experience with environmental issues like mold, thermal imaging, and can write remediation protocols for fire, water or mold damage. The Jacksonville team also offers WDO inspections and insurance inspections like Wind Mitigation’s, Four Point Inspections and Roof Certifications. The HERO team is happy to chat on the phone with you about your specific situation.