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Colorado Springs – HERO Inspections & Environmental

Putting down roots in Colorado Springs and loving what it feels like to enjoy where you work and what you do

I have always enjoyed helping people. I had no idea I would end up owning my own business in the Real Estate service industry.
Interesting fact about me – at the beginning of my career I held a position as a mystery shopper. This position flew me all over the country which was an incredible opportunity and adventure. Bonus, I conquered my personal goal to visit all 50 states. On this journey, I came to Colorado several times. I learned to snowboard and fell in love with the mountains. Soon, I was itching for a change and the next challenge. I went back to school to complete my degree in construction management in a program called Concrete Industry Management.

With my bachelor’s degree in hand, I moved to Chicago to work for a giant in the concrete industry. I spent the next ten years moving up in positions within the construction industry. Over the years I advanced and held positions of engineer, superintendent, and project manager. I was on a career path that kept me busy and employed but was not feeding my soul in a way I had always envisioned. Bluntly, I wasn’t enjoying the work.

So, I decided to call Colorado my home, buy a house and plant roots.  HERO Home Inspection was on the list my Realtor agent gave me to book a home inspection; and, they were the first to answer my call. Curt, one of the founding owners, did my inspection.  We got to talking, and I inquired about the industry. Curt offered to meet up with me and answer any questions I had about the industry. After we sat down to talk, he offered me a chance to come on board and train as an inspector with HERO.

I’ve taken great pride over the last few years growing into an empathetic inspector, trying to understand the needs of each client. It is rewarding to be a part of my client’s lives during one of the most significant moments we go through – buying a new home.

After two years of being part of the HERO Colorado team, the opportunity came for me to invest in a HERO franchise. I am honored to take on an ownership role with HERO Inspections and Environmental. The chance to own my own business, with HERO owners Greg and Curt by my side as mentors, is exciting. It’s an incredible feeling, to love what you do. So after literally traveling around the entire US, I have found where I want to call home. I look forward to representing the HERO team here in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO.

David Mack, Franchise Owner
Colorado Springs, CO | HERO Inspections & Environmental

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Having performed more than 1000 home inspections in the last two years, The HERO team in Colorado Springs has a ton of experience. Our team has serviced all categories in the industry including brand new builds, houses from the 1900’s and older, mountain homes and many commercial properties, such as 100-unit apartment buildings, local restaurants and even one of the newest Verizon stores.

The Colorado Springs team is also well versed and highly experienced with environmental issues like radon testing and sewer scopes. The team is licensed with the EPA and CDPHE for lead paint and asbestos and can write remediation protocols for water, fire and mold damage and perform many industrial hygiene services like formaldehyde, ammonia, and ozone testing. Please call if you feel like you have a unique situation you would like to address. We’re happy to chat with you on the phone about your specific situation.