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HERO Inspections & Environmental

Our company was crafted out of a desire to do more for home buyers and protect them like no other home inspections and environmental inspection company in the industry.

At the core of our approach is the idea that we can re-cast the home inspection industry and its norms by understanding how to mitigate the liability of the homeowner and the Realtor®. Our vision was to create a new type of inspection company that provides exceptional service, not just services to clients and realtors.

HERO Inspections, all started one beautiful Fall afternoon in 2015 under the Flatirons after a mountain bike ride in the front range. Curt had recently sold his inspection and environmental business in Orlando, Florida and moved to Colorado. Quick background – Greg had previously lived in Orlando as well before moving to Boulder. The guys became buddies through a weekly cycling group in Florida with mutual friends.

So back to the story, Curt and Greg were hanging at a local brewery with friends after hittin’ some local bike trails one day. While sitting there, Curt started talking about his inspection business in Florida and how he had ideas in mind for a new company in a different direction now that he was here in Colorado. He was done with the inspection business and ready for the next chapter.

Over a beer (So many great ideas start this way, right?), Greg was listening and shared about his recent exit from a company he helped launch and that he was also looking for what to do next. Greg put it out there with, “I think you’ve got a great thing going there, and we could re-create it out here, and I think it would do well,” And with that one beer and one statement, the idea for HERO Home Inspections and Environmental was tapped.

Then a million questions started flying over the table. Who will we be as a company? What’s our message? How will we be different? We wanted to do everything differently and do it right. We wanted to improve the inspection process, protect the client, protect the Realtor® and ultimately be an opportunity for other entrepreneurs to start a HERO franchise and grow the accessibility to our services across the U.S.

The draw of Colorado’s outdoor lifestyle was what brought us both to Colorado and back together for that bike ride and beer. But, it is our passion for helping others that made us business partners and launch HERO Inspections. Feel confident moving forward on your new home purchase with $100,000+ of warranties, guarantees and extras.

Greg Fowler and Curt Kloc, Founders &Owners
HERO Inspections and Environmental

Call Curt and Greg and the Colorado Front Range Team today at 303-500-3378
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The HERO team in Denver has a ton of experience with residential homes throughout Colorado, performing more than 150 inspections per month in the entire front range. All houses from brand new builds to houses from the 1900’s and older. The Colorado team has performed 100’s of mountain homes and many commercial properties, from several 100-unit apartment buildings with elevators and commercial boilers to the newest Verizon store or pizza restaurant.

The Colorado team is also well versed and highly experienced with environmental issues like radon testing and sewer scopes. The Colorado team is licensed with the EPA and CDPHE for lead paint, asbestos, etc. The team can write remediation protocols for water, fire and mold damage and perform many industrial hygiene services like formaldehyde, ammonia, and ozone testing. Please call if you feel like you have a unique situation you would like to address.