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My desire to build a business with integrity and passion lead me to join the HERO team

In January 2017 I literally died for about 7 minutes. I had had a sudden cardiac arrest at the end the Key West Half Marathon. I was extremely fortunate that 3 heroes were there to perform CPR until the paramedics arrived to use an AED on me (more on that story here). It turns out I’m in a small group of people (less than 6%) that survive this type of incident.

Given my new lease on life, and having burnt out on my corporate career, I decided to pursue my desire to build a business in the real estate realm. I didn’t know what avenue I was going to take until I came across an ad about a home inspection business and reached out to inquire about it.

I’ve always had an interest in different areas of real estate (mostly buying and investing) and a knack for hands-on home projects, including renovating two circa 1920’s homes. I’m also technically adept and detail oriented, having worked in the IT Software business (think Silicon Valley) for more than 20 years. You might be asking, ‘Why would this guy leave an IT career to go into the home inspection and environmental business?” Well, it’s a quick story.

When I met the guys Greg and Curt from HERO Inspections and Environmental and saw how different their business model was, I knew I was interested. Their mission to protect Realtors and their business by protecting their clients like no one else in the industry seemed like a perfect fit for me and the way I wanted to be a part of the real estate industry. With my wonderful wife and two daughters support, I decided this was going to be the next chapter in my career and life.

Having lived in South Florida for about 20 years, I knew that if I applied my professionalism, attention to detail, integrity, and passion, I could stand out from the crowd. I’m proud to say that HERO is steadily building a strong reputation as the go-to inspection service for South Florida.

Bill Amirault, Franchise Owner
South Florida | HERO Inspections and Environmental

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The HERO team in South Florida has a ton of experience with many types of homes throughout all of South Florida, performing inspections in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. The South Florida team has inspected new builds, single-family residences with pools, multi-family high rises, and commercial properties.

The South Florida team has experience with environmental issues like mold, thermal imaging, and can write remediation protocols for fire, water or mold damage. The South Florida team also offers WDO inspections and insurance inspections like Wind Mitigation’s, Four Point Inspections and Roof Certifications. The HERO team is happy to chat on the phone with you about your specific situation.