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Why HERO Inspections & Environmental?


Even if you have no idea where you would get your first inspection client from… Have faith! Our proven & comprehensive marketing plan covers every possible scenario and will have you getting new referral sources in a very short amount of time. Don’t wait years for people to get to know who you are; Market the HERO way and your phone will start ringing tomorrow! Once you get those first clients, you’ll have tons of training and experience to take great care of them, while being able to offer environmental services, which will really impact your bottom line! All you need to do is execute!


Are you looking for a business with reasonable start-up costs in an industry that will not go away? There are more than 6 million homes inspected annually in the US. Annual estimated revenue in 2017 for the inspection industry is $3.0 billion, of which, over 97% goes to individual operator-owners. We’ll teach you how to win a large percentage of that over to your business. People will always buy houses, and they will always need expert advice before this large financial investment.

People who have environmental concerns and need to know how to clean them up properly will always appreciate a company who gives platinum, by-the-book advice. Advice that gets the job done, without scaring anyone, leaving behind a clean space that is safe to occupy.


Your decision carries a lot of weight. Knowing you are making the right one can be tough. HERO was established by 2 white collar business professionals, one with an MBA who has done the highest level of consulting, and one with a nuclear engineering background and more than 2 decades of inspecting & nuclear/environmental experience. HERO was setup from the beginning to be a protection company, and the Real Estate industry and clients alike, love the concept. HERO was also setup with every system thought out and duplicatable, capable of being executed by the right people in multiple locations. Owning and operating a HERO franchise has a short learning curve of 3-6 months where you learn everything you’d expect to: inspections, systems, environmental, pricing, report-writing, etc. BUT — we’ll also teach you how to be a GREAT business owner. And when it comes to marketing, we’ll teach you how to be a RAINMAKER for your business.

Let’s have a chat about your goals and how we might be able to help you reach them!


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Franchise Ownership Process

1. Inquire Today

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2. Discovery Day

Meet with us. We’ll share our story, introduce you to our team, and show you how easy our model is to duplicate and scale.

3. Approval/Launch

Once approved, you will be ready to open your own franchise! Get started on your first-year training curriculum.

Want To Bring The HERO Concept To Your Area?

When HERO started in Denver, CO, the goal was to change the real estate inspection landscape by changing what Realtors and clients had come to expect from an inspection and an inspection company. Most of the competition is individuals with a truck, a ladder and a flashlight. They are all out doing things their own way, by their own rules and the general public is being under-served. There is a better way to do things.

The HERO concept is about protection. Protecting Realtors and their business, by protecting their clients like no other company currently operating. We do this with tangible items like $100,000+ of warranties and guarantees on every inspection and offering environmental expertise and testing, and intangible items, like exemplary customer service, and being thorough while not being alarmists. As a company, we are always getting better and growing, but we’ve learned from more than a decade of wins and mistakes… Which means you are stepping into a company where every system has been thought out, tested and completely vetted.

Most areas have a need for HERO Inspections service offerings and would be able to sustain a franchise location.

What You Know You Want To Know

  • A large playing field means plenty of room for someone awesome! Annual estimated revenue in 2017 for the real estate inspection industry was 3.0 billion - this doesn’t include the environmental side of the business
  • Continued revenue growth; inspections alone grew 4.6% per year from 2012-2017
  • 82% of homebuyers purchase a home inspection prior to closing; 87% when the house is 11 years or older
  • 99% of real estate agents recommend that their buyers get a home inspection
  • 6M homes were sold in 2016, with only a low of 3.1M, even in 2011
  • RE Inspection and Environmental expertise is something people will always need
  • No dominant player in the inspection industry - 97.3% of inspections go to a single owner-operator, that’s easy business to win over
  • Be your own boss
  • Set your own schedule
  • Grow your territory with no limits

What You Didn’t Know You Wanted To Know

  • Proven Business Model - means high chance for success. If you follow & execute the model, you’ll love the results you get
  • Be A Rainmaker - Don’t rely on your 'sphere' and haphazard marketing and sales - You’ll know exactly how to directly impact YOUR revenue
  • Fastest Route to $$$ success - This is an execution business. If you execute the plan, success will follow
  • Environmental services and other add-ons mean higher revenue per house you visit
  • Systems in place to follow for every aspect of your business
  • Team dynamics and support means that you can have the knowledge and experience of a 10-year inspector in 9-12 months
  • Follow the recipe = Low risk of failure
  • Tons of training along with a well thought out 1st Year Curriculum
  • Reasonable Startup - quick return of investment
  • ~ 100 inspections to recoup your initial investment, how fast can you get to that goal?
  • Create a real business with real equity, that you can sell one day, not a person with a truck & a flashlight… without a plan

Who Is The Perfect HERO Candidate?

When it comes to the perfect candidate… there are many things to consider. Many times people think that someone from the trades or someone who has previous construction background is the perfect candidate. This isn’t always true. It’s not that that background isn’t an asset, it’s just that the person and their personality is WAY more important. Knowing how a house is built is ok, but how you interpret the house for someone buying it as their home and how you interact with that human being who is having all the emotions associated with making an important financial decison are what will differentiate you and make you a successful HERO franchise owner.
  • A successful HERO candidate typically has the following personality traits:
  • Self Starter
  • Great leader
  • Great follower
  • Empathetic
  • Curiosity
  • Problem solver
  • Resourceful
  • Personable - People Person
  • Commitment to Client Service
  • Detail Oriented

Do you have what it takes? Let’s talk about your personal and professional goals

“A businesses greatest resource… is resourcefulness!” - Tony Robbins

Cost & Fees

Total Investment:

$48,400 - $80,000

Franchise Fee:


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