I was in the US Navy for 8 years in the 90’s. I did nuclear chemistry and radiological controls. (think yellow suits and orange gloves) The reality is that while the rules are always black and white, the world we live in almost always gray. Sometimes it takes some finesse to do the right thing, while at the same time not putting yourself in a position of vulnerability.

SO… How do you help you get the most for your house without the downside?

A pre-listing consultation. It’s not an inspection; there isn’t an inspection report. A qualified inspector walks around the property noting things the seller should consider repairing or replacing. The seller follows along with a clipboard taking notes. He/she decides to fix and/or upgrade what they feel (with the counsel of their Realtor) and now, no surprises during the inspection period.

That being said, we also offer a written report which helps you show the utmost forthrightness to a potential buyer, and we can offer you a 120 day zero liability warranty with the written report. And the balance of the warranty is fully transferable to your buyer! —Selling point—

What can you expect us to inspect during a pre-listing inspection/consultation?

✔ Exterior Assessment
✔ Copies of Permits
✔ Roofing Assessment & Documentation
✔ Plumbing Assessment
✔ Attic Assessment
✔ Crawl Space Assessment
✔ Heating, A/C & Ventilation Assessment

✔ Structural Opinion
✔ Site Perimeter Assessment
✔ Healthy Home Consultation
✔ Foundation & Basement Assessment
✔ Systems Lifespan Review
✔ Major Defects
✔ Interior Rooms Assessment

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