I’m assuming that as a Realtor, you are looking for ways to differentiate yourself to your prospects and leads. What helps make you different? What’s your brand? Our brand at Elite Analysis is Mitigating Risk & Liability.

There are several gaps inherent to the process of buying and selling real estate. It was our goal at Elite Analysis to fill these gaps for the protection of Realtors, clients, and our inspectors.

As a Realtor, you need to set yourself apart, while at the same time protect yourself and your client’s interests. Everyone you work with or recommend is an extension of you and your professionalism. Now is your opportunity to REALLY up your game! Recommend Elite Analysis for all your inspection needs and we’ll have you covered the whole way! No one else offers the HERO Home Protection Plan!

You get all the normal stuff you expect from an inspection, and now we’re changing what Realtors can expect from their vendors. This is more than your relationship with the inspector working out of his basement. This is REAL protection for you and your clients! No more doing business with fingers crossed. Real business practices that take care of you and your interests!

One of our goal’s at Elite Analysis, is to make you shine! Something broke? We’ll fix it! Dishwasher is known to cause fires? We’ll fix it! Inspector missed something, we’ll fix it! And all these things we do for you and your clients will make you a HERO for your clients.



Realtor ‘b’


Here’s a list of what we offer you and your clients and links for more info!

$10,000 liability protection for the Realtor, when you use an Elite Analysis inspector

Recall Check

90 Day Warranty

Sewer Gard

Buy Your Home Back Guarantee

200% Money Back Guarantee

Realtor Marketing

Give us a shot! You won’t regret it!

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